Cash Discounts

Many companies give cash discounts and I’ve been asking for these for the past couple of years.

The first company I tried with was a firm of West Sussex electricians who were pleased to take my cash and give me a small discount. I have to add that they did give me a receipt and it was all above board, but they appreciated that they were getting paid fast. They had no worries about calling me to chase money or having to pay credit card charges, so they passed on the savings to me.

That’s the way it should be done and it’s a great way to do business and keep everyone happy.

I think the next time I got a cash discount was when I bought clothes from a local clothing store. It wasn’t one of those big chain stores, but a small shop with the owner working right there. She wasn’t quite so eager to give me a discount, but I think she could see my point and that I’d simply walk out if she didn’t oblige.

I believe I got at least 10% off those jeans and a jumper. Not a life-changing amount, but enough to make the effort worthwhile, and it’s so satisfying to get a bargain.

Something happens when you have a wad of cash in your pocket. Obviously you have to be careful about flashing it around, but you know it’s there and it gives you confidence. Take out £80 to pay for something that costs £90 or £99 and the chances are the seller will be seduced into letting you have a discount.

That’s my experience anyway and I’ll post other successes as I remember them.  I will make a note of my future bargains and let you know where to buy with cash.