I met some lovely people from yesterday and as the name implies, they are bookkeepers from Sussex. Horsham actually.  They help all kinds of business throughout the county and were very interested to hear about my humble blog.

I gave them a brief overview of the history of money, just like I’ve posted here and a lot of it was new to them.

They were also interested in the Use Cash Movement, although I suppose their business relies on more modern methods of tracking accounts and getting paid.

They are going to take a look at my blog and if they like what they see they’re going to pinch some of my content. Not directly of course because that would be plagiarism. But they may rewrite it to fit their website and to give their customers some interesting information about the history of money.

I like this idea because otherwise I can’t think that much of my content would ever be seen.  Some people might imagine I would be upset that my research could be used by someone else, but in the end I got most of my information from the internet. There’s only so much knowledge in the world and it all gets recycled over and over doesn’t it?  I suppose the only new information would come in the form of scientific discoveries and inventions, otherwise nothing much is new.