Tree Surgeon friends

All manner of businesses still use cash, including my friends at tree surgeons in Solihull. As many other local businesses they often get paid in cash by their customers for doing all sorts of jobs from simple pruning to complete tree felling.

And don’t think it’s because they want to pocket the cash and be part of the black economy. That can often be the conclusion when you hand over cash to local companies but often it’s far from the truth. Absolute cash can help their cash flow and save bank charges. Think about it, you pay a guy in cash, then they use that same money to pay for services or goods themselves. All sorts of transactions involve small sums and it’s easier to budget if you hand over bank notes.

Our tree surgery friends often do small jobs like stump removal or small pruning jobs and it’s often more convenient for their customers to pay in cash. After all, they often work where there’s not much phone signal so it’s not always easy to use electronic money and I’m sure every tree surgeon – or any other local business for that matter – would rather have their money on the day than rely on customers to tranfer it into their bank account. That involves a delay, reminders and follow-ups, which aren’t usually the strong point of arborists!

Whether they’re doing big jobs like tree removal or tree clearance or smaller jobs like fruit tree pruning and ivy removal, the chances are that tree surgeons are going to be very pleased to receive cash.